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Thank you for your support! : )

2014-06-16 22:14:05 by Rinibra

Thank you all for your support and concern. I can't help but feel loved! : )


I'm finally coming around and I wish I had the time to post something new but unfortunately, I don't right now. I've been a busy bee. Maybe, something new later this summer?

if so, I'll keep you posted!




A family member of mine just recently passed away, please excuse me if I remain inactive for awhile, I would love to continue to stay around but I'm not taking this very well so far :,(

Thank you and I cherish each and every one of my supporters. You guys are amazing 

Yay!! :D

Instead of going through the trouble of buying one online, we were able to just find a universal laptop charger from the store!


Finally! (New charger for my laptop)

*Broken laptop charger!!*

2013-08-18 22:36:45 by Rinibra

I'm so sorry for the inactivity, especially since I promoted my Disney project awhile back. I was having high hopes for that but something very unfortunate happened.

My laptop is currently out of commission due to a broken laptop charger so I'm not able to create anything new right now
or even get on my laptop at all for that matter :'((

I don't know how long I'll be inactive as far as my own account but I'll try to stay around and review more to help out newer audio artists.

Aloha.....for now : (

BaCk To DiSnEy!! : D

2013-03-25 22:20:24 by Rinibra

With Spring Break officially over, I hope to actually get something accomplished with this DISNEY series! : )))

So far, I have:

- Mulan
- Lion King
- Lion King 2


- Pocahontas
- Tarzan

**So far, the songs that are definitely included are Tarzan's "Trashin' The Camp", Lion King's "Circle of Life" & Lion King 2's "He Lives In You"

Any more suggestions? PLEASE Leave a comment : ))

BaCk To DiSnEy!! : D

SpRiNg BrEaK!!

2013-03-16 16:33:54 by Rinibra

Time to sit and relax for a FABULOUS week :D

So, if you need me, I'll be at the BeAcH!! ; )

SpRiNg BrEaK!!


2013-03-12 21:10:14 by Rinibra

Disney songs will be the entire theme of my next series of songs! : )))

The movies I'm planning on using:

- Mulan
- The Lion King
- The Lion King 2
- and MORE!!!

If you have any request of Disney themes you'd like included, please comment! : )))

See you soon!! Chao ; )


Blizzard Drums

2013-03-03 20:51:03 by Rinibra

My newest original song which follows "RAIN DRUMS"

I'm uberly happy for this!! Hope you like!

Blizzard Drums

Newest Song and It's A Mario Song!! :P

2013-02-24 18:51:34 by Rinibra

My new upload: Super Mario World - Star Road!!!!!!

Newest Song and It's A Mario Song!! :P

New Song: Sound Wave

2012-05-22 19:12:03 by Rinibra

If you like listening to ParagonX9 then you might like this one. It is based on PX9's track Static Wave. If you listen, vote and review :) Chao!

New Song: Sound Wave