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*Broken laptop charger!!*

2013-08-18 22:36:45 by Rinibra

I'm so sorry for the inactivity, especially since I promoted my Disney project awhile back. I was having high hopes for that but something very unfortunate happened.

My laptop is currently out of commission due to a broken laptop charger so I'm not able to create anything new right now
or even get on my laptop at all for that matter :'((

I don't know how long I'll be inactive as far as my own account but I'll try to stay around and review more to help out newer audio artists.

Aloha.....for now : (


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2013-08-19 08:09:37

You shud be able to go to ebay type the model of your laptop in and buy 1 , make sure they have good customer reviews cuz some can be phonies

Rinibra responds:

Thanks, I'll hopefully have one again by the end of the year if not sooner


2013-08-19 19:45:46

i know that feel :(

Rinibra responds:

I don't wish this feeling upon anyone : ( It's a horrible one. I hope to have one again soon enough


2013-08-19 22:26:14

Pour water on your laptop then plug the charger in while your hand's wet. I'm sure it works perfectly fine.

(Updated ) Rinibra responds:

Hmmm......I'll consider it when my cat learns to speak with an English accent ^^

You'd love for me to try that, wouldn't you?


2013-08-20 11:33:43

Did you try it? I recommend you do not. Instead, what model of laptop are you using? I might find the good charger off eBay or other markets easily.